The Watson Family
Meet the builders behind Landmark Properties, Kelly and Ryan Watson.

Kelly and Ryan Watson are licensed residential home builders in both Alabama and Georgia, and are prepared to make the experience of building dream homes a reality. The couple wed in June of 2007 and it was that summer they decided to combine all the joys of their lives and make it complete. So, with Kelly the designer and Ryan the builder, they set out to construct dream homes for families. How perfect it would be… Kelly would work closely with the clients' wants and needs while Ryan translated those desires to construction terms. And so it began. Holding the true meaning of their construction company close to their hearts, Kelly and Ryan decided on the name Landmark Properties, because it was exactly that, a family’s home, a landmark. It was the marking of an important stage. It was a landmark property.


Ryan grew up in the construction industry. He learned all the tricks of the trade from his father. In August of 1992, hurricane Andrew hit his uncle’s home. Ryan and his father made the decision to travel to Miami, Florida, and help their family get back on their feet. From that day, he knew that working in the construction industry and helping families build homes was what he wanted to do. When Ryan isn't knee deep in construction, you can find him working on dirt bikes and four wheelers with his son, Tyler, or having tea parties and playing dress up with his daughter, Emma.


Owners of Landmark Properties, Kelly and Ryan Watson


Kelly is a mother of two amazing children, Emma and Tyler, and a wife of a true prince charming, Ryan. The absolute best days of her life are the ones spent with her family. Kelly's true passion is decorating and designing homes. In between selecting paint swatches and complimentary cabinet finishes, she enjoys monogramming and sewing. She says she could rearrange furniture every other day, not to mention changing interior paint colors. Oh the joys of being married to a builder, he’s always able to help when she has those sudden itches.